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Terms and Conditions


Mediator/Intermediary: Gentle Dandy
Client: Natural persons at least 21 years of age to whom Mediator will provide or has provided a service.
Escort: Persons with a minimum age of 21 years who, entirely of their own free will, realise a business meeting with Clients of Intermediary.
Booking: The agreement of a reservation for a service between Client and Intermediary.

The General Terms and Conditions apply to the use of all activities offered on behalf of Mediator. The use of our services and/or future visits to this website implies that Client fully accepts these General Terms and Conditions. An amendment and/or replacement of the General Terms and Conditions by Intermediary is possible at any time. Confirmation of a booking by telephone, email, or via the website will result in a booking agreement between Client and Intermediary. The services offered on this website are performed by high class Escorts who are legally represented by Mediator. At all times, Mediator and her Escorts have the right to refuse a booking without having to make a statement. Gentle Dandy is a high class escort agency which is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Breda under number 82103941 and has an exploitation licence in Breda under number Z2021-001475. All rates shown on this website are including 21% VAT (unless otherwise stated). The VAT number is NL.003640630B33.

We are pleased to draw Client’s attention to the fact that he should read these General Terms and Conditions carefully in order to avoid any ambiguity.


Mediator makes a maximum effort to protect Client data. Discretion and safety are of paramount importance to Mediator and her Escorts. Therefore, it is important to carefully observe the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). All information which is transferred via the website, the reservation system, the contact form and via e-mails is encrypted under a high-quality security system. All personal information that Client shares with Intermediary will be treated with strict confidentiality. As far as required by law, Intermediary will keep a secure customer history for 30 days after the last contact with Client. If Client provides false personal information or still has an outstanding debt with Mediator, Mediator will store the information in the system for a longer period of time.

Client should respect the privacy and discretion of the intended Escort at all times. This means that questions about such things as; her/his real name, telephone number, social media profiles, how Escort does her/his job and/or other personal details will not be answered. Violation of these terms and conditions may result in termination of a Booking without refund and/or deprivation of any subsequent Booking.

Minimum age

Mediator only works with Escorts who have a minimum age of 21 and enjoy a legal status in the Netherlands. For Client, the minimum age of 21 is required to provide a legal service. For persons under this age no service will be provided. In case of doubt, the Booking will be terminated immediately.


All rates on this website include 21% VAT, special requests and travel costs up to 50 kilometres. For destinations with a greater distance, a travel allowance is applicable. On top of the included 50 kilometres, Mediator asks a contribution of € 1,- per driven kilometre. The route from the residential area of the intended Escort to the agreed location determines the travel rate.


A new Client must pay a deposit of € 100,- plus travel expenses when making a first Booking in the Netherlands or Flanders (Belgium), where the travel distance is more than 50 kilometres. It is not possible to pay deposits by credit card. If a new Client would like to book 2 or more escorts, the Client has to pay a deposit of € 100,- plus travel expenses for each escort.

Client is obliged to pay the agreed rate within the first 10 minutes upon arrival of Escort. This payment is made possible by cash or by electronic means such as Maestro, V PAY, Mastercard or Visa. All payments with Mastercard and Visa (creditcard and debitcard) are accepted with a 10% surcharge. It is also possible to pay by payment request, which Mediator will send by e-mail.

Cash payments are only accepted in Euros. Payments with denominations of 500 Euros will not be accepted.

  • Should Client not have handed over or paid the agreed rate in full within the first 10 minutes of Escort’s arrival, the Booking will be terminated.
  • If Client refuses to pay or cannot pay the agreed rate within the first 10 minutes, the Booking will be terminated.
  • In the above cases for a new Client, the deposit will not be refunded. In the above cases with a known Client, the next booking will be charged € 75,- plus travel expenses.

An invoice of the Booking in question can be requested by Client. This will be discreet and professional.


A cancellation must be notified to the Intermediary by telephone or by e-mail no later than 12 hours prior to the intended Booking. If a new Client cancels within 12 hours before the intended Booking, the down payment will not be refunded. If a known Client cancels within 12 hours before the intended Booking, the Client will owe an amount of € 75,-. Any travel expenses incurred shall be included in this amount.

A no-show means that the Intermediary will deprive the Client of the possibility of making another Booking.

Bookings that are made 8 days or more before the intended appointment will need to be confirmed again 24 hours before the start. This second attempt at contact requires a confirmation by Client, upon request by Intermediary. If the booking is not confirmed again, the Booking will still be cancelled.

The Booking

If the Booking is made in an accommodation reserved by Client, the Intermediary will ask Client to check in at least half an hour before the intended Booking and to move to the room or accommodation concerned. The Intermediary will contact Client by telephone to ask for the room number, which will be confirmed later on.

Clients wishing to make a Booking in an accommodation are requested to produce a copy of the letterhead of a letter addressed to her/him at that address. This is necessary for Escort’s safety.

If Escort has arrived at the agreed destination, but the Client is unable to attend, a free maximum waiting time of 15 minutes will apply. If a known Client does not show up, the next booking will be charged € 75,- plus travel expenses. Any deposits will not be refunded.

The period for which Client has reserved Escort, starts when the meeting between the two actually takes place.

If expectations are not met in terms of Escort’s personality or appearance, then within the first 10 minutes of a Booking in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium), Client has the option to cancel the Booking. As a consequence, an amount of € 75,- plus travel costs will be charged immediately for the time invested by Escort for the Booking in question.

If the Booking is made for one Client, but there are more persons at the agreed location, the appointment will be cancelled. With the next Booking the amount of € 75,- plus the travel expenses made will be charged. Any deposits will not be refunded.

An additional booking during the Booking in question must be confirmed by Mediator in advance.

Should the booking take longer than 15 minutes and no additional booking has been made, the additional time will be regarded as an additional booking and the rate for an additional booking will be charged.

The international Booking

The travel destination will be assessed by Mediator on positive travel advice and the safety of the location.

For destinations where the travel time of the outward journey is longer than 3 hours by car, a train return ticket or flight return ticket is required. For outward journeys of 7 hours or longer a first-class train return ticket or business class flight return ticket is required. The tickets will be charged to Client.

For all Bookings outside The Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium) a down payment is applicable. 50% of the Booking fee and 100% of the travel costs/tickets. The down payment is inclusive of 21% VAT.

The invoice for the down payment of an international Booking will be sent by e-mail. If the down payment has been received, the Booking will be confirmed.

For a Booking within Europe, except for the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium), a minimum booking period of 12 hours applies. At least 24 hours before the start of the Booking it is still possible to cancel. If a cancellation is made within 24 hours, the deposit and travel costs will not be refunded.

For a Booking outside Europe, a minimum Booking period of 24 hours applies. Cancellations can be made no later than 48 hours before the start of the Booking. If the Booking is cancelled within 48 hours, the deposit and travel costs will not be refunded.

Additional requirements for long international Bookings:

  • Client must treat Escort with all due respect. This means, amongst other things, that Client shall let Escort sleep 6 hours per night and provide at least 3 meals per day.
  • Escort needs at least 1 hour of private time per day to keep in touch with home and/or work, including daily contact with Mediator.

Safe sex

Escorts only perform safe sexual acts. This means oral, vaginal and anal sex. If Client insists on unsafe sex, the Booking will be cancelled immediately. In addition, Mediator will deprive Client of the possibility of making another Booking.

Escorts undergo regular health tests. If an unprotected form of sex nevertheless occurs during a Booking, Mediator is not liable for any damage to health.

Use of drugs

Offering any form of illegal drugs to Escort is prohibited. As well as requesting Escort to bring or order illegal drugs. Mediator hereby reserves the right to terminate the Booking immediately without the possibility of a refund.

Force majeure

Mediator is not liable but responsible for external events with Escort. By which is meant -amongst other things- personal reasons such as illness, a travel ban, government measures, urgent family circumstances or extreme weather conditions. In the event that such a situation arises, Client will be notified as soon as possible and any credit balances and/or deposits will be refunded. If possible, Mediator will provide an alternative Escort.

Companionship Only

Besides the regular possibilities with Escort, in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium) there is the opportunity to make a ‘Companionship Only’ Booking. The duration of this Booking is minimum 3 hours and enjoys a special rate. Spontaneous touching such as an arm around the shoulder and/or holding hands is allowed. Intimacy such as kissing or performing sexual acts with the booked Escort is not possible in this case.

In the case of a ‘Companionship Only’ Booking which lasts for a whole night or several nights, Client must offer Escort a private bedroom.

+316 202 151 68

+316 202 151 68


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+316 202 151 68